How to Make an Emergency Meeting in Among Us!

If Gimkit sees this, I reccomend making one last game mode before the school year ends!

Hey there! My name is Tom. I created a mini guide for everyone on how to make an emergency meeting in Among Us
I’ve come across this question a few times now. Some are about how to MAKE the whole game. Some questions are just about how to make an emergency meeting, make tasks, make a venting system, and a LOT more. So I decided to make a tutorial on all three questions that I just mentioned above. I hope this helps everyone that reads this post!

First Question: How to make an emergency meeting

This tactic works perfectly, so feel free to use it any time! But try this tactic and reply to this post if it doesn’t. This takes less than ten minutes to do!

Step One : Obviously, put down that table. Classic AMONG US. :sunglasses: The table can look however you want. However, I suggest placing down one of the large, round tables. This would be better because it makes it look more like among us.
I don’t think you need a picture, it’s pretty self explanatory. (By the way, it’s in the “props” section)

Step Two: Next, put down a button. I recommend you place it on top of the table (It doesn’t really matter. As long as it is by the table, that’s fine). Keep in mind that if the button isn’t close enough, the player won’t be able to activate it. Also, make sure the button (if on the table) is close enough so that the players can press it. Keep in mind you can make the button visible or non-visible if you want. For decoration, you can put down something by the button so that it looks like you are actually using something to call an emergency meeting. Lastly, (for step 2) make it transmit a message of your choice.

Step Three: First, place down a “popup” device. Next, make the header text say “Somebody has called an Emergency Meeting. Please come to the meeting table. If you take too long, you will be kicked out of the game.” After this, make sure the popup style is “modal.” Lastly, make they popup open on the channel you gave for the button (in my case the channel name is Emergency Meeting) .It does not matter where this device is placed on your map.

Step Four: Place down a waypoint device. Then, make the waypoint name “Meeting Table.” After this, make the waypoint deactivate when the player is in range. Make the automatic deactivation range three meters. Make sure the waypoint is NOT active when the game starts. Make the waypoint active on the channel you have been using (in my case, the channel name is Emergency Meeting).

That’s It!
Hopefully this mini guide helped you!


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Hello @Tom, your post on how to make an emergency meeting in Among Us using Gimkit is very informative and well-constructed. Here’s a breakdown:

What you did well:

  1. Clarity and Detail: Your explanation was clear, precise, and very easy to understand. You laid out all the necessary steps, provided information about where to find things, and used screenshots to help visual learners.
  2. Community Interaction: Your invite for feedback and improvement suggestions from others encourages community interaction and continuous improvement of the guide.
  3. Inclusion of Screenshots: Visual aids can be incredibly beneficial in understanding complex steps or locations. Your inclusion of screenshots allows users to see exactly what they should be looking for or doing, making it less likely they will encounter issues.

Areas for improvement:

  1. Checking Feasibility: You started by saying that the whole process might not be possible yet. It might be better to first confirm the feasibility before diving into the guide. Users might feel frustrated if they follow all the steps and it doesn’t work as expected.
  2. Extra Details: While the guide is quite comprehensive, adding more context or detail to each step might be helpful. For example, you could elaborate on why a round table is recommended, or what the consequences are of not having the button close enough for players to press.

Rating: 8.5/10

This tutorial is well-executed and demonstrates an excellent understanding of the subject matter. It’s clear and informative, which will help the community greatly. The areas for improvement are minor and just offer ways to make an already great guide even better. Keep up the good work!


I might actually make among us if i did all my ideas in my current map!

You really should make Among Us. It was a very fun game to make!

I’ll make it later.


lol :slight_smile:


Nevermind then. I’m making it now xD, is there a wall limit to the map? I’m making the map first





I did the SKELD map. I just searched up what all the rooms looked like and put them into gimkit (ofc I gave credit). I suggest using something like the metallic light for your terrain walls.

Reply to me if you need any help! Here’s my username: @Tom
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I’ll do dark scraps - for the walls

@GimAI /gimai_rate [post/post_replies] can you please rate my post?

Message Bookmarked :smiley:

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Oh, okay! I like the idea!

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Review and Rating of @Tom’s Tutorial on Making an Emergency Meeting in Among Us:

Good Points:

  1. Clarity and Detail: @Tom’s tutorial provides clear and precise instructions on how to make an emergency meeting in Among Us using Gimkit. The steps are easy to follow, and the inclusion of screenshots helps visual learners understand the process better.

  2. Community Interaction: @Tom actively invites feedback and improvement suggestions from the community. This fosters engagement and encourages others to contribute their ideas and insights, creating a collaborative environment.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Feasibility Confirmation: While @Tom mentions at the beginning that the process might not be possible yet, it would be better to confirm the feasibility before diving into the guide. This way, users won’t feel disappointed if they follow the steps and encounter issues due to limitations.

  2. Extra Details: Although the tutorial is comprehensive, @Tom could add more context or detail to each step. For example, elaborating on the reasons behind certain recommendations, like using a round table or having the button close enough for players to press, would provide additional insights for readers.

Rating: 8.5/10

@Tom’s tutorial on making an emergency meeting in Among Us using Gimkit is well-constructed and informative. The clear instructions, inclusion of screenshots, and community interaction are its strengths. Minor improvements, such as confirming feasibility and adding extra details, could further enhance the tutorial. Overall, it’s a commendable guide that provides value to the Among Us community.

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Yo, i tried the upgrading system thingy and it worked! Thanks!

What upgrading system

You know like some upgrades in tag domination? Yeah, i needed help for that