How to Make the Clean o2 Filter/ Clean Vent Task in Among Us (🟩)

If you want a simple, easy, and understandable guide on how to make the clean vent or clean filter task for your among us map, this is the guide for you. Today I will be showing you a quick and simple way to make this kind of task.

What you will need

1 counter
3 zones
3 “junk props” Ex. Leaves, Trash, Junk pile.
1 teleporter
1 popup
Any number of terrain


For this task you will have to run and touch the “junk props” to make them disappear. We will use zones around the junk props which when activated will hide the “junk props”.

Step 1: putting down the terrain, zones, and “junk props”

First you need to lay down the terrain for the task. I used concrete, frozen ice, and spaceship catwalk (lined) {Note: I do this tutorial with pictures from the o2 version of the task. At the end I will show you how to remix this and make it into the clean vent task}.

Next place down the 3 zones where you would like your trash piles to be. I suggest spreading them out a little. You will then want to edit them so when a player enters the zone it transmits on a specific channel {Note: every zone needs to have its own different channel. For example zone 1=clean trash 1 while zone 2=clean trash 2.

Now place what ever “junk prop” you are using of each zone. Make sure the piles are smaller than the zones so players can step in them. Then you need to edit them so the prop is hidden when they receive a signal from the zone under them.

Step 2: hooking it up to a counter and popup

For this step we need to make it so when you clean up all the piles you complete. We will do this with a counter and a popup.

First you need to place a counter outside the task area. Edit the counter and make it so the target value is the amount of junk piles in your task ( for this example I am using the number 3). You need to hook it up to all of the props with wires. Make it so when the prop disappears it increments the counter.

Next add a popup outside the task and connect it to the counter so when the counter reaches the target value it opens the popup. Also, edit the popup so it says TASK COMPLETE when opened.


If you would like to make this task the clean vent task here is an example of what that could look like.

Also to get to the task I would use teleporters which you could place around your among us map.


You now have a Clean Filter/Clean Vent task for your among us map. Thank you so much for reading. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback please comment below.


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Just help people out and be regularly active. You become a guardian of the gimaxy first then can be promoted.

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Be at least somewhat active (Maybe 4-5 days a week) and help people occasionally.

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Hello! NavyCatZ here!

What You Did Well

Title: You have a clear title that makes it easy for people to understand what your guide is about.

Introduction: You have a list of devices needed at the beginning of the guide, helping Gims prepare beforehand.

Structure: You bold your sections, making it easy for the reader to differentiate between them.

Visuals: You have pictures that help the reader understand the instructions.


You added an alternative version of your guide in case the reader also wants to try that.

What You Could Improve On

Introduction: You could explain what the clean vent/filter task is in Among Us for Gims who don’t play it but want to make something like this.

Detailed Explanation: Dive more on what the steps do and how they are essential. This can be useful for newer Gims.

Overall, I like your guide! If you would like to provide feedback, please do. NavyCatZ signing off!

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Nice guide! I also made an o2 task by putting item spawners where you have to collect the items from them and bring them to the hatch.

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Thanks so much! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Yeah I thought about that too but they are about the same difficulty and I had already started this way.

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Any gimvenger, and then we can bring it up on the wixsite. @Anythinger should be releasing details on the requirements soon.


Thanks :smiley:

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I’m going to put guardian of the gimalaxy in my desc.

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I was trying to clean out my vents and I bumped into this post!!!

This guide was at the very bottom of the community guidelines, not including locked ones that I couldn’t bump