How to create a start reactor task in Among Us!

Hello! Today I’ll be showing you how to create the start reactor task in Among Us.

The room

First, make a closed off room like this:

I had to put a barrier because I ran out of walls lol

Then, create 9 zones on the right side like this.
Make sure to make them not active on game start.

Create 9 barriers on the left side, and 9 above the zones on the right side.
For the barriers, turn off collision.
Make sure the zones are not active on game start.
You are done with the room now!

The mechanism

So, for this, you will want 5 more barriers on the left side, and make them a different color. Put them on random ones, like this.
Make sure they are not active on game start.
Create a repeater and a counter. This counter will count how much seconds has passed. Set the counter target to 1. Make the repeater activate every second. Everytime it activates, it will increase the counter. The repeater will activate when you first teleport to that place.
When you teleport to the room, you wire it to the first barrier you want to activate. Once you activate it, it should deactivate after 1 second, so make a wire from the counter to the barrier. Then, it should activate the corresponding zone. Create a wire repeater. Set it to - Player enters zone → repeat the wire pulse. Then wire it back, for wire repeater receives a pulse —> deactivate zone.
You are done with the first one!

Repeat the process as many times as you need to, and you are done!

Thank you for reading, and have fun Gimkitting!


Nice guide

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nice guide

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Nice guide! It’s short and sweet!


this explaisn how to display the boxes which i appreciate, but you also have to press a button in the corresponding spot on a 3x3 grid

you also have to make so 1 box, one button, then two boxes in seperate spots and two corresponding correct buttons, adn so on for 3,4 and five boxes. They have to appear in different spots each tiem so my main proble m is figuring out how to mak a button correct at one point and then not at another point

Oh. I will try to fix that. I will add that. I did not know how this task exactly worked.

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Nice guide!

Uh oh, while trying to build the new system, I forgot which zones were which. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Should I delete it and rebuild?

Update: I’ll delete it and rebuild with channels instead.

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You should rebuild with a more compact version adapted with buttons for efficiency.

Nah, it’s fine. I’ll just use channels instead for less clutter.


Yeah, next time, you should probably start with channels. It’ll create much less lag.

Yeah. It was a mistake on my part.


try to add a trigger and a questioner when the trigger is triggered you get the questions then do what the number says lets say it asks you 1 press one do it 3 times

But how would it know what question it asked?


Looks good! Make sure to add pictures of the mechanism for new gims.

This is a bit complicated. Can you make it more clear how it works?

I’ll try my best.