How to make the Fuel Engines Task like in Among Us | Difficulty: 🟨

Okay, this will just be a NO-Teleporter task. It will be pretty easy to make, since all you have to do is transport the “fuel”. Note: This is for ONE engine, so you probably will need to copy it for the second engine.


Item Granter 2x
Button 2x
Wire Repeater 2x(For only a one-time task)

Picking up the Fuel

I am using a Water Dispenser(Props) as my Fuel Giver, and a Bucket as my Fuel Dropper. For the “Fuel”, I am using Water. Now, make your buttons not visible in game. Activate it when receiving on ‘Fuel Engines’. For your Fuel Giver Button, when button pressed transmit on ‘Fuel Engines’. This will activate your Fuel Dropper Button. Now, make your Item Granter grant 1 Water when button is pressed(wires). This, is your Fuel.

Dropping off your Fuel

Now, put your button under the Bucket or whatever your Fuel Dropper Thing is. Make it so that when receiving on ‘Fuel Engines’ it will activate. Forgot to mention, make it NOT active on game start. Wire an Item Granter that will take away your one Water for this.

Deactivating your Buttons

This is Optional, as you could do the task as many times as you want. Just wire your button to a Wire Repeater, then wire the Wire Repeater to the Button, making it deactivate. Do the same thing with your other button.

I hope this helps anyone who is making Among Us! As always, Happy Gimkitting!


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