In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧)

In-game chat system: A guide.

In this guide, I will teach you how to make your very own chat system. A few disclaimers to start:

  • This will take up 10% of memory if you build it exactly as I have; if you use more or fewer options it will vary.
  • It can only use predetermined messages, and it will show messages to everybody.

Now for the guide.

Here is what seems like a mess of devices and wires, but I will explain it all.
Next to the text that says Starting Overlay: is a game overlay device with these settings:

The only important thing is that it’s a button that transmits on a channel. I’ve used the channel name chat.

Back to the picture.

There are 5 popup devices next to the text that reads Section Headers:. The first one on the left is the first screen of your chat interface. You can design this however you want, but there are a few important things. You need a call to action that says next as the primary call to action. And this popup should open when receiving on whatever channel is broadcasted when your game overlay is pressed. The other 4 popups in that row are section headers, to make it easier to select your chat message. I’ve used Greetings, Callouts, Team Callouts, and Replies. Again, you can style them as you’d like, but you need two call to actions. The first must be next, and the second is to use this section. After you’ve made as many or as few sections as you’d like, connect the first to the second with a wire, the second to the third, etc. After you’re done that row should look as it does in that first image. And each of those wires should look like this:

Now comes the harder part. Decide what messages go in what section. Here’s what I used:

  • Hi!
  • Welcome!
  • Follow Me!
  • Come Here
  • Can somebody help me?
  • On my way!
  • I got to go
  • I’ll Help
Team Callouts
  • We’re winning :crown:
  • We’re losing :frowning:
  • I’m at low health!
  • Incoming enemies!
  • Yes
  • No
  • Ok

Each of the chat options can be whatever you want, but the call to action page should look like this:

I recommend naming the channel exactly what the message is or doing something like chat/message to separate channels.
The last option of each section should have the second call to action be a back-to-start button. Simply broadcast on the channel your overlay broadcasts on. It should look something like this:

Now for the wiring.

Simply place wires as shown in the first image. All of the wires should be the same and should look like this:

Now for the code blocks:

Here is an example code block

Each popup in the messages section needs one block that runs on the same channel the call to action broadcasts on. Then as the image shows, add an activity feed for everyone that combines the player’s name and their message.


And that should be it! Let me know if you have any issues or questions.

Also, tell me in the replies if I should change the difficulty. Have fun chatting!



Great guide! I think if you were to change the difficulty at all, you should make it one lower, beacuse this is not hard, it’s just very repetitive.


Yeah. I figured it would take some more experience to customize some things or change it. Maybe I’ll change it


Amazing guide! I might make a chat system like this!


This is a very good and helpful guide! i will probably use it in my own games (if I have the memory).


this is actually so cool!

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Amazing Guide @Dayy ! :+1:

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I will probably add this to my Among Us game for voting.


or my CTF game

Does everyone have a Among Us game?


Not me. Never played it, never was interested in it.


Oh ok, but PRETTY much everyone has made a Among Us map.


Not me. Never played it, never was interested in making a replication.

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Thats why I said PRETTY much.

I don’t know anyone who even plays Among Us.

I don’t it’s just that the gimkit character is the same shape.


Ive gotten tons of requests for among us from my friends, so I just started working on one. I’ve never even played among us :confused:

Unrelated but what’s your pronouns again @PotionMaster ? I thought you mentioned it somewhere and I just want to be sure.

I’ve seen people play Among Us, so I just wanted to make an Among Us map

Pretty Nice, Have to say.