Chatting be like?

How do you make a chat on gimkit, i saw someone else do it but i dont know how its done?

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Chatting systems are complicated and usually involve lots of popups and notifications…

You might want to wait… I am on the verge of making the portable chat guide… so far I have a 20% Memory Portable Chat


It will be a little too much on the wires though….

Please :mag: before you :writing_hand:

not everyone read emojis but ok
and this post was 18 hrs ago so idk if @LEPRECON2024 is online

welcome @LEPRECON2024 to the forums!
make sure to read the new-user-must-read and forum-tips.
the Community Made Guides are also very useful!

I got marked. Did you see?

is that a problem or are you just happy?

This was me but i wanted to make sure you got it*

He’s replying to what @thatOneCringe said.

I am just saying that there is a solution. Now let the topic close.

That’s a lot of memory…

My text entry system is currently the cheapest text system on the forums. It only takes up 75n + 1000 memory (where n is the amount of input characters).

Bruh, what did you expect?

And don’t advertise. I am just stating that if @LEPRECON2024 can wait, then I can make a portable chat guide.

PS @LEPRECON2024 you should make it 2024! :partying_face:

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