How can I Make my backpack bigger if I buy something

Wait it does not work

don’t say that on here you could get flagged ok

ok I will never say it again

so what are the things I will need to do it?

oh and welcome @PavelR to the forums :slight_smile:

? What form I am new I don’t really no that much

OH I understand OK Guys I could of not did it with out you guys

you should select which item you’re using. Welcome!

OK thank you guys so much

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The “forums” is this. Community forums.

If you need help w/ anything, let me know! I’d love to show you around.

OK thank you hope you are having a good day

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off topic, but

  • moose
  • or muffin?
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One question for this sight if I go to the Community Made guides do I have to do the Square Sorry I am just new

you just select what type of thing it is. (question, guide, ect. ) you don’t need to literally put a colored square in the title. it is shown automatically.

OK thank you I just thought because I will help so people can make a Chat in gimkit

hmm that hard try Roblox toilet tower defens and check after

pleasit help I’m now it does

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