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Here’s a keyboard guide. Look at how hard this is, [and its memory use], then decide if you actually want a fully functional keyboard.

I might have a slightly easier way give me a min to test it out (it probably wont work i’m better with triggers)

An easier way to make a keyboard?
Rather unlikely, but sure, look into it.

Again youre probably right but I have and idea sparked but it’ll prob take a while…

A part of it, yes. But the whole thing requires so many blocks and things, it takes 70% memory.

Naww…just use that guide i got new project i gotta help somone with

Yeah sorry, here are the only 3 guides,
In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty::orange_square:)
How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP)
How to make an in-game chat system Difficulty: :orange_square: (OUT OF DATE)

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Make sure to check out new-user-must-read and forum-tips

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You could use buttons and text to make it so that when a gim presses a button, the character attached to that button pops up? idk

But they want to be able to type anything, so keyboards.

How to make a Neon KeyBoard Already put this link further up for how to make a keyboard.

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but it isn’t the best for when moving around in a game like among us or battle royale.

Thanks @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns! I will read it whenever I have time!

let us get back on topic…

No it doesn’t! t only takes 47%…

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47 percent? That seems really high. You need… like… 30 properties and then a couple blocks, right?

Do you mean like a live chat? Like the one we are using right now?

We are thinking of two different types here.

More like a minecraft style chat.