How To Track And Tell Others Your Exact Coordinates

Welcome To My Short Guide.

Devices Used:

1x - Player Coordinates
2x - Properties
1x - Overlay
1x - Notification

How To Make

First Get Out The Coordinate Device, These Are The Settings.

Next, Take Out Both Properties.
They’re Numbers, Start At Zero, And Each Are Named “X” And “Y” Coordinate Respectively

Last, Use The Notification, When Receiving On “PlayerChange” To Everyone, Or On A Team If You Want.


So Now They Can Show Everyone Where They Are And Track Exactly Where They Need To Be.
Take That, In Game Chat System!

Final Result




Cool. Revolutionary. Tell Me Any Problems.


I this AMAZING! I love it, Although I don’t think it would be revolutionary, I do think that this could add spice to battle royal games!

imagine if getting a player’s coordinates was an upgrade that could be purchased :skull:

bro’s testing alts were right next to each other

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Well, I was in the middle of playing with someone (Not revealing name, and not Alejandro Bimbelton), and we happened to be near each other, which is the magic of the system, because we met up with the system.


Love this guide, and it’s not even that difficult

This is going to make for such fun trolls…