Making a game, any suggestions?

What do each of the sections do?

What sections @Blizzy ?

innocent, good, and detectives

Innocent dont do anything, they are good and detectives on the good side write down who may be evil and run investagations.

How do the detectives fight?

Maybe you could use this so players can yell at each other /j

There is also an evil side. Evil people can’t do anything. But only 2 of them are picked to be murderers

Oh okay. I can’t think of a way to do the detective, though. We don’t have the block for the questioner yet… Yeah you can use the chat system

Oooh, good idea! Thanks!


Anyone know a way where the murderer could only kill with lights off?

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Does the murderer tag people to kill or shoot them with gadgets?

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The murderer is supposed to tag people.

Then you could activate a tag zone when the lights are off, then deactivate the tag zone when the lights are on.

Might want to take out the gamecode.

Oooh good idea, thanks, @SkylarCat1202 !!

Yeah, I will. Hold up

Add some candles and instructions using barriers, item spawners and text.

Okay can someone tell me what to add?

Ok, great suggestion, thanks, @Haiasi !!

Barrier(Black, collsion off) Activated → Grant Weapon
Barrier deactivated → Grant -1 Weapon