In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧)

I think my map is average, but the rooms are a bit too close. The Cameras solve the problem, though/

If you’ve seen any he/him from me, it’s probably my friends trolling, I caught them using my computer once already.

Ok then. Just incase you guys don’t know, I am male. He/him. Just to make sure, @PotionMaster, @NavyCatZ, and @Im_Pretty_Cool are all girls, right?

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I believe so!


I am a girl too

In my profile

Oh, oops I did not know that.

Add me

Well if you though I was a boy, you were correct.

Is there any way to find my discobot PM? I accidentally unbookmarked it, and I want to check something.

Just type Discobot in the search bar and then rebook mark the post.

Thanks, I found it.

No problem @Anythinger!

with the possible exception of the anime because almost all of my friends have some sort of anime/cartoon character as their pfp

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I made a chat system that only uses 6% of memory, BUT, its a little more limited.

How did you make it?

A game overlay, hooked up to a pop up, and there is another pop up yo can cycle between, labeled Greetings and the other one is labeled Conversation. They split off both containing pop ups, and then the player a cycle through until they find the chat they want to use; Then the player hits send(Included in the pop up box) And it sends a notification saying what they pressed.

Do you want to j o i n my world so I can show you?

Codes are not allowed on the forum.
You can post it on the wixsite though.