[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Among Us

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Since the beginning of GKC we have all tried to create Among Us, now with all the tools at hand, we creators have come together to create “The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Among Us.”
With that out of the way, let’s get started with the guide :slight_smile:.

Note: This guide uses wires, channels, scope, and blocks.

(If you don’t know what they mean, click the highlighted-blue link, it’ll take you to some guides.)

Note: If you somehow run out of memory, confused on how to do something or making tasks that are currently not possible yet, you can just use a button connected to a popup.
It can fulfill almost every single task in among us.
[ See Post 181 and 185 ]

The Basics

Team Setup

Team Setup (Guide by Blackhole927)

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10 ]

Team Type setting (you need this for both the wire version and channel one)

  • :wrench: In the bottom-left corner, you should see a :gear: button.

  • Click that.

  • :wrench: Now go to map options.
    :people_holding_hands: Click the “Teams” tab and change the team type (click on the setting) to be cooperative.

Wire Version:

First, place a Lifecycle, Relay and Team Switcher.

Wire your Lifecycle (Game Start) to a Relay. (Random Player)

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs > (Relay) Trigger Relay

Now, connect your Relay (Random Player) to a Team Switcher (Team 2).

(Relay) Relay Trigger > (Team Switcher) Switch Player To Configured Team


The Lifecycle’s event is on Game Start.
This means it can trigger an event from either wires or channels when the Game Starts.
In this case, it triggers a Relay, a device that can send a signal to a certain team only, a random person on the specific team or for all players.

Channel Version:

  • :heavy_plus_sign: Then, create a Lifecycle.
    The Lifecycle channel should broadcast on a channel called IC (Imposter Decided)

  • :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Then, place a Relay
    The settings should be “Random Player.”
    Make the channel “relay when receiving on”broadcast on the IC (Impostor Decided) channel.

  • :arrows_counterclockwise: :1234: Now, place a Team Switcher
    The switched team should be team 2.
    Make it broadcast on IC.

How to make engineers in among us

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2.5/10 ]

(By Haiasi)
If you didn’t know, engineers are crewmates but they can use vents (they are also on the same team as the crewmates)

:heavy_plus_sign: Place a Lifecycle. Connect it to a Relay (random person on team 1)

Event Occurs > Trigger Relay

:zap: :arrow_right: :1234: Now connect the relay to all the barriers of vents in the map to deactivate them.

Relay Trigger > Deactivate Barrier

PS: The crewmates and the imposters must be on different teams. And set player respawn immunity to 0 in settings.**

PSS: If you want two or three impostors, copy and paste the system you made for the 1-impostor game and just wire them together.

Basics (By Halt_JK)

By @Halt_JK :

How to make Among Us in Gimkit Creative - See first post

How to make Among Us in Gimkit Creative - #6 by wingwave

Emergency Meetings

Emergency Meetings:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10 to :green_square: or 3/10 ]

Note: These guides only include calling a meeting, not voting.

By Tom:

How to Make an Emergency Meeting in Among Us!

By Haiasi

(Building off on Tom’s guide)

Place a Button.
Make it say “Call Emergency Meeting.”

Wire the Button to a Notification Device to run some Blockcode.
Make sure the Notification is sent to everyone in the settings

Button Pressed > Run Wire Pulse Block


Send Notification | Title |  “Triggering Player’s name” 
                                | Content | has called an emergency meeting!

Now connect the Button to a Relay (all players)

Button Pressed > Trigger Relay

Lastly, connect the Relay to a Teleporter (the teleporter should be where the players vote)

Relay Trigger > Teleport Player Here


(By Haiasi)

If you want to make an Emergency Meeting Limit for each player, do this:

Get your button from earlier and wire it to a Counter with a Target of your chosen meetings per player.
Make it player-scoped.

Button Pressed > Increment Counter

Now Wire the Counter back to the Button to deactivate it.

Target Value Reached > Deactivate Button

You’re done!!!



[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10 ]

Magenta_Dragon’s Guide:
How to make in-game shadows without camera views! (Difficulty: 🟧)



[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

Credit to @CringeKarlScott for the guide!
How to make killing for Among Us (Difficulty: 🟧)

  • First, place down a tag zone. It should cover the whole map.

  • :wrench: Set the tagging team to the imposter team. Make the tagging team inactive turn on the game start.

  • Place down a game overlay. Set both scopes to player, and make it a button. The button should be inactive on game start, and show when receiving on " IC (Imposter Decided)".
    :information_source: The button should be called “Kill Player”.

  • Now, wire the overlay to the tag zone:
    Button pressed -> Activate Tag Zone

  • Next wire the overlay to a wire repeater with 0.5 delay:
    Button Pressed -> Repeat the wire pulse

  • Now, wire the repeater to the tag zone.
    Wire repeats the pulse -->Deactivate Tag Zone.

One-Life System:

  • Set the tag zone to respawn the player, now wire the tag zone to a team switcher.
    Player gets tagged -> switch player to configured team.
  • Set the team switcher to a specific team. The team should be the spectators.
Voting - Links

These are resources to help you create voting systems.

Eggnoodle’s Voting System

The Ritheked Voting System

WhoAmI’s Voting System

Magenta Dragon’s Voting System

Master Task Setup

Master Task Setup:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

  • :wrench: Place down two popups and set them to say Task Failed and Task Completed.
  • Make them open on channels (MTS) Task Failed ( :x: ) and (MTS) Task Completed. (:heavy_check_mark: )


On all of your tasks, go to the device that completes that certain task and add the channel mentioned earlier, MTS (Task Completed)
Now create a Notification device and add MTS into it as well.
You can input anything you want in the notification, but my preferred choice is

Title: “You completed a task!”

Body: Great Job!

Notification Type:

Success :white_check_mark:



[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]
By Im_Pretty_Cool:
Venting System in Among Us {🟧}

By NavyCatZ:
How to Let the Imposter Hide in Vents 🟧

By Magenta_Dragon
How to make Venting like Among Us. Difficulty: 🟩

By Blizzy
The Among Us Venting System(Updated with Popups)

By Haiasi:

Devices Needed: (for every 2 vents)
Lifecycle x1
Relay x1
Teleporter x2
Barrier x2
Camera View x2
Zone x1
Trigger x1
Bicycle Rack (Depends on the size of the barrier)

Let’s make the vent appearance first.
Place a teleporter and a gray barrier.
Now add some bicycle racks on the top, bottom, left, and right side of the vent.
Make sure collision is off for all the Bicycle Racks.
Copy that for the vent room.
(the room the player teleports to)

Connect your Lifecycle (Game Start) to a Relay (setting is team your impostor/s is/are on)

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs > (Relay) Trigger Relay

Now connect your Relay to both of your barriers)

Relay Trigger > Activate Barrier
(do this two times)

Now place a Camera Zone in the first vent room (the room the player has to be in to teleport to the second one.)
Make sure that it does not reach the second vent room (where the impostor stays)
(ah, yes a pun)

Now place another Camera View in the second vent room and make it so it sees slightly in the nearby rooms.

And finally, place a zone and size it up to fit your second vent room.

Now connect your zone to a trigger (5-10 seconds delay on the trigger)
Player Enters Zone > Trigger
Now connect the trigger to your teleporter in the first room.
Triggered > Teleport player here
You’re done!

Sabotage Lights:

Sabotage Lights:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10 ]
By Blizzy:
How to make the Sabotage Lights in Among Us | Difficulty 3/10 or 🟨

Extra: (also by blizzy)
How to Make Flashing Lights | Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩

Close Door Sabotage

Close Door Sabotage:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10 ]
Guide by Paddington Bear
Among Us Close Door Sabotage

Chatting (similar to Quick Chat)


[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 to :yellow_square:, or 4/10, due to repetitiveness

By @Dayy:
In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧)

Among Us Room Decoration (Art)

Among Us Room Decoration (Art)

[ Difficulty :white_large_square: or 0/10 to :blue_square: or 1/10 ]

By the way, the guides are in order of when they were created.

By Im_Pretty_Cool:
How to Make an Among Us Character (Difficulty: ⬜ )

By WolfTechnology:
Among Us Skeld Map (7/10) Map Making

By WolfTechnology
Among Us; Mira Map Guide 2

By LandynSPEEDO802
Among us showcase!

By WhereIsMyHat :question: :tophat:
How to make the Among Us lobby (difficulty 0/10 or ⬜)

By Magenta Dragon:
My Among Us Map ShowCase/map making (BAD MAP, DONT LOOK)

Task Bar and Task List

Task Bar and Task List:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

The Coralian version of a taskbar:Coralian Task Bar In Among us! 2/10 or 🟩

Magenta_Dragon’s task list guide How to create task list like Among Us! [Difficulty 🟩 or 3/10]

How to randomize tasks for players

How To Randomize tasks for players

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 to :green_square: or 3.5/10

Note: Go to all of your tasks and click on the device that completes your specific task.
Make sure they are not active on game start and create a channel in it and choose the channel that signals when the task is done.
If you don’t get it, take, for example, a Button.
Make a channel in the button in the “When Button Pressed, Transmit on” part.
This is important for the blockcode.

By Haiasi:

Place a Lifecycle a Trigger, and a Relay (all players on team 1)

Connect the Lifecycle to the Trigger.

Event Occurs > Trigger Relay

Connect the Relay to your Trigger

Relay Trigger > Trigger

In the Blockcode, type something like this:

Set [RandomTask] to a random integer from # to #
if [RandomTask] = # 
do Broadcast Message On Channel “activate[taskname1]”

else if [RandomTask] = #
        do Broadcast Message On Channel “activate[taskname2]”

PS: This is infinitely expandable, if you want to make some tasks more common, add more of them in the block code and if you want it to be more uncommon/rare, make fewer/less of them.

Credits to this guide by NoYouWillNotTakeMyNa!
How to make randomizer 🟧

How to end the game when the impostor is knocked out

How to end game when certain team knocked out [SIMPLIFIED] [Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦] - #8 by Haiasi
Guide by Illumerix



Download/Upload Data

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]
Check out this guide by Coral!
:coral: :coral: :coral:
How to Make the Download/Upload Task from Among Us 3/10 or 🟩

Medbay Scan (Medbay)

Medbay Scan

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10 ]

By ImAgimkitFan:

How to make a working submit scan from among us task (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩 )

By Magenta_Dragon:

How to create Medbay Scan!🟩

Fuel Engines (Storage)

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

Guide by Blizzy
How to make the Fuel Engines Task like in Among Us | Difficulty: 🟨

Unlock Manifolds (Reactor)

Unlock Manifolds:

[ Difficulty :yellow_square: or 4/10 ]
By Greninjyman:
How to make a task like the "Unlock Manifolds" task from Among Us

Start Reactor (Reactor)

Start Reactor:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

By IlliniSD:
How to create a start reactor task in Among Us!

Clean O2 Filter (O2)

Clean O2 Filter:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

By Polar_Crisp_Original:
How to Make the Clean o2 Filter/ Clean Vent Task in Among Us (🟩)

By @harharharhar83

What you need:

  • 2x Button
  • 1x Item Granter
  • 2x Teleporter
  • 2x Speed Modifiers
  • 4x Vending Machines
  • 4x “Trash Props”
  • 1x Counter
  • 1x Relay
  • 1x Notification
  • 1x Camera Zone (Optional)

Step 1 - Design a room that resembles the 02 filter from Among Us:

Step 2 - Now in your the O2 room. Get a one of the buttons. Change the following settings:
Button Message = Clean O2 Filter
Visible In-Game = No
Interaction Duration = Any time you want
When button pressed, transmit on = cleano2filter

Step 3 - Place an Item Granter that grants 4 Energy when it receives on cleano2filter

Step 4 - Place a teleporter in your O2 filter and change the following settings:
Teleport here when receiving on = cleano2filter
Visible In-Game = No

Step 5 - Place a Speed Modifier and change it to look like this:
Speed =0.50
Set player to configured speed when receiving on = cleano2filter
This simulates real Among Us were dragging the leaves is such a slooooooooooooooow process.

Step 6 - No choose the take the trash props and lay them around randomly.

Step 7 - Take a Vending Machine and change the following settings:

I have to go but, I will finish this tommorow.

Inspect Samples Task (Medbay)

Inspect Samples Task

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

(By Haiasi:)

Devices Needed:

Button x1
Wire Repeater x1
Trigger x1
Popup x1
Notification x1
Wires x4
BlockCode x1

Connect a Wire from your Button to your Wire Repeater and vice versa (wire repeater to button>

`Button Pressed > Repeat Wire Pulse‘

Wire Pulse Repeated > Deactivate Button

Now connect your Button to a Trigger (used for the timer of the task) and make the delay 60 seconds.
Don’t forget to place the MTS (Task Completed) channel in the trigger!

Button Pressed > Trigger

Triggered > Send Notification

Notification Title: You completed a task!
Notification Body: Great Job!
Notification Type: Success :white_check_mark:

Notification Channels:

Send Notification When Receiving on:

Now connect the button to a Popup.
Here is what the input should say:

Species: Jellybim
Scientific Name: Jellybimus Probius
Blood Type: JB+ 
Location: The Geld

You’re done!

By Blizzy:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10
How to make the Inspect Samples task from Among Us

Admin Card Swipe

Admin Card Swipe:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2.5/10 ]
Guide by Blizzy
How to make the Admin Swipe Card Task in Among Us

By Haiasi:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

:radio_button: Place a Button.
Wire it to a trigger with a 0-second delay.
Button Pressed > Trigger

Go to blocks create a new block and click on the “When Triggered” choice.

Create a Variable called “RandomNum.”
Type something like this:

Set “RandomNum” to a random integer from 1 to 2
if “RandomNum” = 1 
 do Broadcast Message On Channel “cardswipepassed”

else if “RandomNum” = 2
        do Broadcast Message On Channel “cardswipefailed”

If this doesn’t work, feel free to say it in the comments :]

Asteroids Task (weapons

Guide by Razer
How to make an alternative Asteroids task (Among Us)

By Blizzy:

How to make a Task like the Weapons Task in Among Us(Asteroids) 🟨

By Haiasi:

First, make a button called “Clear Asteroids.”
Wire it to a teleporter which should be in a room
with terrain composed of:

  • Cinema Carpet

  • Gym Floor

  • Disco

  • Space (Moving)

Also, add “Alien Plant” or “leaves” props.
Make sure they have damage enabled, collision off, and 1 health.

Now place a repeater that runs a task every
5.0 seconds.
Place another repeater that runs a task every 3.0 seconds.

Connect the teleporter to the first repeater

Player Teleported Here > Start First Repeater

Connect the Teleporter to an Item Granter (zapper)

Player Teleported Here > Grant Item

Now connect the First Repeater to the second repeater

First Repeater Runs Task > Start Second Repeater

Connect the First Repeater to all of your props to activate them.
First Repeater Runs Task > Activate all props

Connect the second repeater to all of your props to deactivate them.

Second Repeater Runs Task > Deactivate All props

Place a counter.
Make the target value 20 and scope player.

Connect all of your props to the counter.

Prop Destroyed > Increment Counter

Lastly, Connect the Counter to a Teleporter and an Item Granter.

Target Value Reached > Grant Item (-1 zapper)

Target Value Reached > Teleport Player Here (this should be in the weapons room)

Make sure the room is near weapons, so it’ll look like a visual task.

Fix Wiring (Electrical)

Fix Wiring: (Electrical)

[ Difficulty :yellow_square: or 4/10 ]
(Guide by Grey Stone:)
How to make the wire task in Among Us [🟧]


Reactor Meltdown

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]
(By Haiasi:)

Impostor Sabotage:

Note: This guide assumes you already have your overlay sabotage setup.
If not, follow the start of this guide by Blizzy but add the Reactor Meltdown

How to make the Sabotage Lights in Among Us | Difficulty 3/10 or 🟨

:popcorn: :arrow_heading_up: :zap: Connect your popup call-to-action that starts the sabotage to a Trigger with a delay of 20 (you can change the delay btw, it’s your choice.)

# Call-To-Action Clicked > Trigger

:x: Now connect the trigger to an end-game device

Triggered > End Game

You’re done with the sabotage part of the task!
Here’s an optional part of fixing the task below

Fixing The Reactor Meltdown

By Haiasi:

:radio_button: Place down 2 zones with a scope of global.
This will be your fixing station.

:1234: Now place a counter.
Make the scope global and the target 2.
:zap: Wire your zone to the counter

Player Enters Zone > Increment Counter
(Do this two times)

Now place a Wire Repeater.

Wire the zone to the wire repeater and the wire repeater to your counter

Player Leaves Zone > Repeat Wire Pulse

Wire Pulse Repeated > Decrement Counter

:1234: Now wire your counter to deactivate your trigger

Target Value Reached > Deactivate Trigger

Oxygen Sabotage

WIP by IlliniSD

By @Dragons_Bane

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]
How to make a working 4-digit code! Difficulty: 3/10

Chart Course (Navigation)

Chart Course (Navigation)

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

By Grey_Stone:

Chart Course task (Skeld) (Stonian) (Difficulty: 🟩 or 3.5/10)

By Haiasi:

Here is how you make the chart course task from among us!

Material List:

  • Button x5

  • Teleporter x5

  • 3 Barriers

First, place your button in Navigation.
Feel free to change the settings to your liking.

Place a Teleporter and wire the button to it.(place the teleporter in a different room, this is where you will do your task)

Button Pressed > Teleport Player Here

Now, place your 4 Buttons, 4 Teleporters and 3 Barriers in the Task Room in this pattern:

(Don’t put your teleporters or barriers along with the first button)

Note: Do This In Order.
If you wire the button to the teleporter instead of wiring the button to the barrier first, the player will be stuck in it.

Wire your first button to your first barrier.
Next, wire your first button to your first teleporter.

Button Pressed > Deactivate Barrier

Button Pressed > Teleport Player Here

This Part:

Now Repeat that for all the other buttons, teleporters and barriers.
(I think you know what to do.)

Once you’ve finished that, wire the fifth teleporter to another teleporter back to navigation.

Player Teleported Here > Teleport Player Here

You’re Done!

Stabilize Steering (Navigation)

IlliniSD’s guide to stabilize steering!
Stabilize Steering Task in Among Us!

Divert Power (Starts in Electrical)

By IliniSD:


Divert Power to _

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10 ]

By Haiasi:
First, place your button.
Name it “Divert Power.”
Now, place a popup.
Don’t put anything in the content but but “Divert Power” in the Call-To-Action setting.
Now, wire the button to your popup.

Button Pressed > Open Popup.

Finally, wire your popup to a waypoint and to a button (this will be the “accept diverted power”

Primary Call-To-Action clicked > Activate Waypoint

Primary Call-To-Action Clicked > Activate Button

Empty Chute (Cafeteria, O2 or Storage)

By IliniSD


Empty Chute:

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10 ]

By Haiasi:

Material List:

  • Button x2

  • Teleporter x2

  • Leaves (prop)

  • [color] space container x1

  • Space Trash Variations

Step 1: Place your Button and Teleporter (put it in a seperate room to eject the trash)
Wire Them Together.

Button Pressed > Teleport Player Here

Step 2: Place your space container and put the leaves on top of the space container.

Step 3: Now, place a Button.
Name it “Empty Chute.”
Wire it to all your leaves props to hide them.

Button Pressed > Hide Prop

Step 4: Ejecting the trash
Connect your button to some space trash and leaves outside of the room (make sure they are not visible on game start.)

Button Pressed > Show Prop

You’re done!

”Download/Upload Guide (END OF TASK IS ADMIN)

[ Difficulty :green_square: or 3/10, due to repetitive wires and devices ]

By Coral:

How to Make the Download/Upload Task from Among Us 3/10 or 🟩

Prime Shields

By Grey_Stone

Prime shields task for among us (Skeld)(Stonian)(Difficulty 3/10 🟩)

By IlliniSD:



(Not Official, Custom Tasks/Sabotages)

Fatten up Sabotage

IlliniSD’s guide to Fatten Up.
Among Us Fatten Up Sabotage (Unofficial)

Sheriff System

Guide by @Illumerix
[ 🤏 Mini-Guide] How to make a sheriff system [Difficulty 2/10]


Channels Index (Debugging)

(IC) Imposter Decided
(MTS) Task Failed
(MTS) Task Completed

Properties Index (Debugging)


User Assignments

potato1 and IlliniSD - Core Systems
PaddingtonBear and Magenta_Dragon and Blizzy and WhereIsMyHat - Tasks
ChatRoom and Among Us Room Decoration - Haiasi
Magenta_Dragon - vents
Inspect Sample Task- Haiasi, Blizzy
Divert Power to _ -Haiasi, IliniSD
Empty Chute -Haiasi, IliniSD



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Example Channels
(IC) Imposter Chosen
(VS) Voting Update


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