The Ultimate Guide of Chat! (WIP)


Hey guys!

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide Of Chat!

This will be big, but it looks small. Feel free to give suggestions on the way. There will be some updates so check that out! Please realize that this is wip.

Guides to check out
@ABCD’s Guides

How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP)

This one is unfinished, no point checking it out. Check the instructions.

How to make an in-game chat system Difficulty: 🟧 (OUT OF DATE)

@Dayy’s Guide

In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧)


You can make an in-game chatroom, maybe

Instructions for each guide



None so far!

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Sorry if this is rude, but what is the point of this guide?
this can probably be flagged

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Hello? Did you read the post? It is a wip? This will be worked and changed.

I am just saying this seems like an advertisement

If you don’t have anything to post about just save a draft until you get at least one thing or feature to post.

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a seperate guide about updates of a guide isn’t really needed… It’s better to just put the updates of a particular guide in the guide itself, like maybe the bottom of a wip guide like gimkit_h4ck3r did for his “Making a Survival Game (DEVLOG)” wip and wiki.

Edit: Whoops, (I think) I misunderstood it, @ABCD’s other chat system guide ran out of Editing Time just four days ago (or three? I’m in a differnet timezone) so I think this is a continuation of the other guide.

Also, @Foxy (and @ABCD from the current reply) try not to use negative words, instead of saying, “This topic is not needed” you might just want to say “Make sure to finish it soon!”
If a WIP is blank, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s off-topic, it just means it’s unfinished and if it’s unfinished for a fair amount of time, we remind them so they can work on it before they hit the Editing Limit.


If there is nothing to post it is off topic

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Well it is in the guide itself.

Then this topic is not needed

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Well it is being worked on. Don’t disencourage

Just stop!

I am saying that if you don’t want to be flagged add something

@Haiasi can you make this a wiki? I need to have unlimited edit/

Am I working on it? Yes, so shut up./

Regulars can only make their posts a wiki, not other people’s posts.


I thought I heard it from someone else.

OK, I anyways need to remove this. @Haiasi do you know if it is possible to make my guide a wiki?

no, unless you contact the mods to make it for you but that’s unnecessary since they’re on holiday break and it’s not that important


I am unable to delete this post!

There are replies here so you can’t