Can you make a gimkit chat?

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I will find you a few guides

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oh i did not know that

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that was the one I use all the time. :slight_smile:


ok thanks for the help guys

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Here are a few guides I found


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you know u cant send game codes, its against the rules… @AJiscoolBoI727

oh i did not know sorry

you should probably delete that mssg, you don’t want to get flagged, also mark one of them a solution bc they did help you.

I changed the message

okay good, mark @leo_flowers or @Gim_3d msg as a solution to end this topic, we don’t want to get off-topic

If you want to talk with people in the gimkit community outside of a game you can use a padlet or a wix

You can make a gimkit chat, but it’s pre-written messages. You can’t make a free chat.
Or can you? nothing is gimpossible

Well I mean you could
get not impossibled

nothing is gimpossible

I think that someone should mark a solution. There have been some great ideas here.

If you’re editing a map with someone, you could just use a text box to communicate, if you’re not talking about in-game NPC dialogue.

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