The Ultimate Chat System Guide

There are quite a few guides about Chat Systems, so here they are!


Original Post:
In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧)

@ABCD’s Guide:
How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP)
How to make an in-game chat system Difficulty: 🟧 (OUT OF DATE)

@1109628’s Guide:
How to make an easy in game chat difficulty 🟩 (4/10)

@Blizzy’s Guide:
How to make a Working Message-Sender | Difficulty 5/10

@Shdwy’s Concept:
Text Entry System


These are instructions for all of the guides above, and more! (This will be including a portable chat guide by @ABCD when it will be possible. Stay tuned!)
Update (12/17/23): More coming soon!

Have fun, and keep creating!

Off-topic fun fact: The day @Blizzy posted this was her BIRTHDAY!!! :tada: @ABCD: on behalf of everyone, happy birthday to @Blizzy!


@Shdwy Where’s your guide?

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Nice guide! You may also want to put the idea-catalog tag on it. But idk if that really fits or not,

They aren’t really ideas though…
Also, the game-mechanics tag is unused.
(I think most if not all tags in #game-___ are unused.)

Yeah, I removed it

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Shdwy’s “guide” isn’t a guide. It’s a brainstorming post that aims to reduce the memory usage on Apollo’s text entry system.

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Um, @Blizzy, I was already working on an ultimate guide, but it gives a wording tutorial and a gif or video of how to make it at the end of each guide. Can I edit your guide? I am thinking to change the wording, so anyone making the chat wouldn’t get confused. Thank you!

And not include links to tutorials.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t this be a resources post?

Resources are for people to read and understand, but here is basically just all previous posts linked together.

Oh, I see. So this is different since it’s a chronological compilation of the improvements made over time?

No, that would most likely be wip or wiki, but mostly wip this was made at once, linking other posts, but I think tug would be good.

Is this a tug?

Isn’t this more of a resources page than a tug?

True, this is a resources

this guide is a really kool chat system guide pls add

It is technically there,

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I need to change the name of my post back now that I’m TL3… It was actually the earliest chat guide. Also, yeah, this should be resources. (can I change it?)

@ABCD Yes, of course you can edit this!

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@ABCD Please read my profile.