Private Chat Message - How To Make

How do i make a chat system, but only the private message? Like how you could send a message to someone else instead of showing it to everyone in general.

In the forums? Or in a game?

easy its the chat system but you change the scope

In the game.

Yeah, but i think that uses the activity feed. I want it to use the notifications.

Then no idea. Whatsoever.

yeh thats what I mean, you can change the scope of notifications

Where’s the scope?

in the notifications options, there should be a scope option somewhere on it


The Ultimate Chat System Guide

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Honestly I don’t know!

You don’t need to reply to a topic and say “I don’t know!” it’s useless and causes clutter.


But, welcome to the community.

On the forums, they stopped letting TL2 (Trust level 2) from using PMs unless you are trying to contact the mods.

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