Private Chat Message - How To Make

How do i make a chat system, but only the private message? Like how you could send a message to someone else instead of showing it to everyone in general.

In the forums? Or in a game?

easy its the chat system but you change the scope

In the game.

Yeah, but i think that uses the activity feed. I want it to use the notifications.

Then no idea. Whatsoever.

yeh thats what I mean, you can change the scope of notifications

Where’s the scope?

in the notifications options, there should be a scope option somewhere on it


The Ultimate Chat System Guide

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Honestly I don’t know!

You don’t need to reply to a topic and say “I don’t know!” it’s useless and causes clutter.


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On the forums, they stopped letting TL2 (Trust level 2) from using PMs unless you are trying to contact the mods.

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I don’t think you can

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what does that mean?

oh. sorry. I didn’t know…

He’s not new anymore, sorry.

I have a solution to this by the way:

So… Player IDs. If you don’t know what they are, you basically give each player an ID and each ID a player. How do you do that? Make a global scope counter, which changes a property. Now, set another property to that property. Why do we need another property? Because if we used the first one… it would change with the property. By the way, both of these properties should be player-scoped.

The next part uses a bit of recursion. Basically, start a triggerloop that changes a property by 1 multiple times. First, wire a lifecycle and a relay to the triggerloop, and then the triggerloop checks if the player’s player ID is equal to the recursive number. If it is, trigger anothet trigger that appends the player’s name to a text property. You can use the "create text with " block and commas and spaces and stuff to make it look better. ANYWAYS, now the players have a list of player IDs. Then, make a keyboard but with numbers only on which ID you want to private message too. Then, open up the menu, but turn a “Private Message” property to the number that you inputted, then use a relay that checks for the player ID again and then uh… add the activity feed item with the message stored in ANOTHER property that I forgot to mention for the triggering player.

I made this all up in my head, so please test this before marking anything, and I’m so so sorry if this was confusing - and I know for a fact it probably was because I gave the solution in a completely illogical order, so if you have questions, please ask them.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the property with the names is stored in a text object that everyone can see!!!

Edit 2: y’know, i should make a guide on private messaging and private actions, but i feel like its just a copy of the application guides getrithekd made, so… would you like them?

  • yeah, the general forums population could benefit from these case-specific scenarios
  • no (tell why)
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