How to make an easy in game chat difficulty 🟩 (4/10)

Today we are going to make a easy in game chat system
#1 - We are going to need a 1 game overlay, 2 popups, 2 notifications. like this

#2 - the game overlay settings should look like this…

the popup…

next we need wires

the open up the notifications and click on wire pulse

You can do any text you want but make sure it matches the popup that it comes from.
do the same on the other one…

When you are done it should look like this

You’re done if you want to you can add more

credit to @Dayy and @ABCD for the original projects!


Noice, be sure to credit the guides before, try not to share personal info.

okay thank you for telling me

also what do you mean by that?

That might be a nickname.

no, like the tabs.

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its not its just a random name

oh okay thank you for telling me


ey someone else made this And he helped me set this up @1109628 did you check and see if anyone else had done this before posting this?

no i did not sorry sir
this is also my second guide post

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eh its okay just atleast put credit to @ABCD since he did come up with idea


okay thank you for replying too

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and @Dayy
He did it first


I made this and made many extra but later found out the chats dont show to other people :sob:

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Well, just add a relay to all players…

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Relays are less memory…


Wait, I confused this with Dayy’s guide lol.


man this has come back up recently I thought this chat wasnt going to come back for awhile

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It works for me so i don’t know how to help you…

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