How to make a Working Message-Sender | Difficulty 5/10

Credit @Apoll02 and @Shdwy

You will need:
Popup 42x
Trigger 42x
Game Overlay 1x
Notification 1x
Property 2x

Make one Popup for EVERY icon on your keyboard. For the 41, I will use:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, the whole alphabet(no uppercase, just lowercase), !, ?, ., , space bar. Note: NO BACKSPACE HERE.

Have your Game Overlay, when pressed, open up your FIRST popup.

Make each of the Popups have a Call to Action, and when that is pressed, it transmits on the symbol/number/letter that the Popup shows. The popup’s second call to action should open up the next popup, and on and on and on.

Have each Trigger receive for one symbol/number/letter. Leave the Extra one blank. Go to the blocks. All of them should be relatively like this:

Your property should be named “Message”, and it is text. Make it transmit on changedMessage when ever the value is changed.

Your second property should be named “AddtoMessage”, and it is text as well. Make it transmit on newLetter everytime it changes.

Your Extra Trigger will be like this:

Note: The SPACE BAR, in its own trigger, will add “_” to AddtoMessage

Now, have your Extra Trigger trigger when it receives on newLetter. This will update your Message Property. Have your Notification receive on “sendMessage”.

Note: All Properties should be player-scoped, so multiple players can send simultaneously.

Have a Popup receive on changedMessage, and open up. It should be like this:

Now, make the first CTA transmit on ‘doneWriting’ when you click it. Have your Nolt Device have a BLOCK that receives on ‘doneWriting’. It should be like this:

You’re done now!
@Blizzy is out

P.S. I haven’t really tested this, please tell me if it works!


Oooooooo this seems cool. Good job!

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Ah, I see why this takes seemingly little memory. It’s the blocks! Ya don’t need blocks in every trigger!

gj tho

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Ok, two things…

  1. 42 POPUPS??!?!?! 42 TRIGGERS?!?!? x__x Weow.
  2. l’ll try and test it out, but… Idk if I have the time

Oh… Makes more sense. (Tho I have no idea how to use blocks)


You actually do…

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Did you read my guide? You only need two or three blocks at most.

Why use this one if the other one takes up way less memory? This takes up 20-25% minimum. Not trying to be antagonistic, I’m just curious why this one is useful. Also didn’t Apollo do exactly this?

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I think I could make a guide with an easier, but different way…

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Didnt @ABCD make this?

no… nothing of this is mine… just that I created the craze of the chat thingy.

isnt this the same thing?

no. it isn’t the same thing

really? it isnt its a chat with the same devices

There’s many ways to make chats…

No. You can write your OWN thing with this.

That’s right, I am not going to take credit for this guide.

you know what would be useful? a memory-effecient and NOT PAINFUL way of doing this :p

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Like, perhaps…
a 75n + ~1000 memory method?
One might say?

Hmm… :thinking:

fyi this uses 6% memory just for Number. So yeah, definitely not memory efficient. Maybe a bit easier to understand, but @Shdwy, yours is still really good.

Just saying, it works, everyone!

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