The Ultimate Chat System Guide

I did some edits. Will add more

Oops… Hehe… Sorry! I changed that. I go a little fast before thinking. Especially on the forums.

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Should I add the tags TUG and Resources to this guide?

also what is the password to the padlet this time?

Oh, yeah, also, Happy Birthday Blizzy!


It’s still in my profile. Just harder to find.

Alright, I added in resources as a tag.

where is the location, top, middle or bottom?
goo goobie


@Blizzy ! what is th cod?
PS, I am going to work on this on friday.

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@WhoAmI Bottom two lines

wow! Cool guide!

um the password doesn’t work…

No, the code is IN the bottom two lines… You just gotta find the black sheep… @The_7th_Dragon

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