How do i make my own animations in creative

allright what is this chat bar devise called again

What do you mean “chat bar”

the chat system thing

Witch one? Can you link it?

can you guys show me a screen shot of what you mean

There is no device created for a chat system, thus meaning that other methods have to be used, such as the notification one I mentioned.

what do you mean can I link it

There have been several guides witch one are you using?

what are those devises called

dayyyyyyyyys method how do you do it

i mean dayyyys giude

Hello are you guys there

Sorry I was gone, they are Game Overlay, Pop-Up, and Notification(top to bottom)

are you there i need help

Follow the guide thats your help until they come back.

I am here, what do you need help with?

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I thing i did it now thanks for the help.

Is this another fortnite spawn?

btw emoting is basically an 3 hour process of doing

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