You can make an in-game chatroom, maybe

I think I have found a method for making a chatroom. I remember finding a thing about it not working in-game (I couldn’t find it). However, I don’t think the device needed exists. It would need to be a Button-like device that you can use blocks with. For now, let’s call it DeviceX.
Step 1) Have 26 DeviceX, one for each letter, as well as 10 for numbers, one to send, one for receiving, and any more you’d want for punctuation and the like.
Step 2) Make a bunch of Text Boxes that, upon the send DeviceX being pressed become the letters pressed in order. This can be done by using variables to know what character is being changed and what it is being changed to.
If a DeviceX already exists, please tell me as I am making a more complex and [memory] expensive way to do so.

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How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP)

This should work.

How to make a Neon KeyBoard how to keyboard

Use this system to help with your idea.

This was basically just my idea, the other person just did it first.

How would you make the typing/button press feature work,? I would love this for my game.

I don’t get how to make it so that when one button clicked after another, it types that after the previous letter.

Please tell me how to do this if any of the regulars (or @JarryFlorg do you know how?) knows how.

This shouldn’t be a guide if you don’t have instructions.


TL3 isn’t everything. We’re just users who don’t have a life that have more powerful flags and can rename topics.


You are talking about a text entry system.
The system above is currently the most memory minimizing (I believe complexity is 75n + 1000 where n is input count.) and is thus the most optimized. At least, using a one counter pulse system is that complexity, IDK about other less optimized systems.

Another guide for chatrooms

I know how to, already thinking to make a guide, just haven’t decided how to do it with less memory.