Can someone help me with my in game chat

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Do you know how
Screenshot 2024-04-08 5.59.45 PM

I added in game chat to the title to make this a bit specific

I thought you needed help…
Anyways wut?

Because i have tried to do it but it did not work so i came here

Have you looked at this guide?

yea but not all the way

@PavelR , The player’s Username is supposed to be notification Title not next to the text.

oh so thats my mistake i made i was trying to put it there thx so much

No problem, anything to help a fellow developer!
Don’t mark it Solved until tested

What do you mean? i am new

oh ok i will test it ok

All you need to do is create a block code inside the notification, and wire the chat system/popup/whatever to the notification like Pop-up Opened → Run Wire Pulse Block, and on the notification blocks, change it to this:
Screenshot (120)

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ok thank you i could of not did it with out you guys

I will test it right now

Wait it did not work

Do you have a Pop-up wired to a notification like this;
Pop-up Opened → Run Wire Pulse Block

Never mind i found out my problem thank you guys :grinning: :grinning:

i found it out i put what the notfication wired not to the wire pulse block ok thank you

so Thank you i would of not able to do it with out you