Ideas On Help On Among Us Skeld

Also make purchasable apartments with beds that can heal you, and that have cool and fun ascetics for the players to enjoy

To expand, maybe a mafia path and a government path?

Is car

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Here’s some more guides for among us:

There's quite a few guides

Here we go!
How to Make an Emergency Meeting in Among Us!

How to make a task bar like Among Us [🟧]

How to setup teams for Among Us | Difficulty: 🟩

How to Get vitals from Among Us

How to Let the Imposter Hide in Vents 🟧

How to make killing for Among Us (Difficulty: 🟧)

In-game Chat System: A guide by Dayy (Difficulty:🟧)

A Quick and Easy-to-fix error in Among Us Team Choosing | Difficulty: 🟩

How to Make a Kill Button That Drops a Dead Body

How to make the wire task in Among Us [🟧]

How to Make the Clean o2 Filter/ Clean Vent Task in Among Us (🟩)

How to make a Task like the Weapons Task in Among Us(Asteroids) 🟨

How to make the Fuel Engines Task like in Among Us | Difficulty: 🟨

How to make the Admin Swipe Card Task in Among Us

How to make a voting system (old guide from last forum)

How to make a voting system for Among Us [SIMPLIFIED]

The Ritheked Version of Voting (1.0)! ~6% Memory | Difficulty: 🟧

The Ritheked Version of Voting 2.0 (Difficulty πŸŸͺ)

The Whomian Version of Amongus Voting!

And the resources for it all:
[ πŸ“° Resources] Resources for Among Us

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Everyone the forum has changed this is the city forum What To Make In My City

I just dont have o2 weapons and navigation

Do you need help on designing them or making the mechanics within them?

For designing, check the post above by Wolftechnology

For mechanics, is there something specific you want to know?

bump this is among us only map btw

You only need to bump a help post if no one has posted in it for a long time (2-3 days)

not really though should i also make mira hq?

If you want to, once you’re doing with what you want to make first.

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