Asking to see if anyone has done it yet

How do you make a chat system in the gimkit game?

You cant make a “free” chat yet, but there are ways to make prompts for people to say.

yeah, thats what im trying to do…

Well, you can make a full chat, but it’s 70% memory.

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What do you mean by full chat?

A working keyboard being able to type out anything, not just prompts and options on what to say.

It’s one of the hardest guides on the forums.


Can you comment the link for the guide…?
Im feeling lucky, imma try it.

Good Luck!
I already linked it in one of the previous posts.

(Also, it’s one of the hardest and one of the only 11/10 or :black_large_square: guides on the forum along with ClicClac’s _____Land guide.)


Haiasi already linked it.


That is a common misconception. There was already stuff in the map. It’s 47 with removable and optimizable features.



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