In-game chat help

So i had a working chat and i tried to change something in it, and it stopped working. so i changed it back and now it doesn’t work at all.
Screen Shot 2024-03-28 at 8.45.10 AM
this is the block code, it should be working but isn’t any ideas?

This guide will help:


yeah, i used that guide originally, everything should be lining up

Okie and its not?

What about channels/wiring?

yeah the channels and wiring are all right, when you click the game overlay, pop-ups show up, but when you hit “say this”(my first call to action) it does nothing, and all other pop-ups are the same

Its wired to a notfication device right?

no? Was there one in the guide?

@THEHACKER120 J0in this.

NVM it wasn’t in the guide but I have my own way to do this

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alright lets hear this

My way ummm well, I would like to show some screenshots, but unfortunately I got banned from Gimkit until Apr 4th.
But i was something like overlay → notification when first to action called notification released or somethin’.

You might have to dismantle the whole system and start again :person_shrugging:

So funny story, i think it’s actually just my computer, because my friend who using a different type of computer saw it so we’ll see later i guess

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