How to Make Popup GUIs (Difficulty 2/10)

This guide will show you how to make a GUI with popups. Multiple guides including this have been made, but they are all very specific. Here are some examples:

The Concept

The basic idea of these are to have lots of popups, one for each option. Each popup will have to buttons, or call to actions. One button will be for choosing the option, and one will be for moving on to the next option. So, there will be a cycle of popups, each with a call to action opening the next popup.

The last popup opens the first popup as well. Also, to start the cycle, there must be a channel broadcast that also opens up the first popup.

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No. It is not.


Oh I see, it’s just the concept. Would be cool if there’s a third call to action…

Technically, exiting could be a third call to action.


Wait could we detect when you exit and open the next page or no

Yes, you can. Its buried in the popup settings.

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Nice job, @getrithekd!


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Popup call to actions are really tedious. It should have like at least 10 buttons and more customization.