Making a Pop-up shop for all your pop-up shop needs

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Pop-up shops are one of the most important and incredi- I’m just kidding these are so trivial and although they do save space they’re just tedious.

To make one, first place down a game overlay that is a button. Set the scope, yada yada yada, and make it so that when the button is pressed, it opens a popup.

Now make two call-to-action buttons. You can name the popup anything, make it say whatever you want, but add call-to-action buttons. When those are clicked, wire it to a vending machine that attempts to purchase the item.

Multiple Shops

So, you can’t have infinite call-to-action buttons, can you?

Fortunately, you can technically have “infinite” call-to-action buttons by making one of them say, “Next Item”, and one of them attempting to purchase the current item when clicked on.

When you click “Next Item”, transmit on a channel that closes the current popup, and opens another one. Keep doing this until all your items can be sold.

Also, you could make your popup have two purchase options, and when you close it another one comes up

Anyways, this was inspired by @CringeKarlScott and this post:


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also, too lazy to do visual aids :(((


nice guide. also, you could make it so that you can pick between two items to buy, or close the popup, and when you close it, another one opens with two more items, and you can repeat this until you have all your items in it.


how do you put links at the bottom of a topic

yeah, that’s in the multiple shops" section. it’s neat if you don’t want like 15 vending machines taking up literally all your space.

no, you suggested having one button to buy the item and one button to view the next one, but i suggested having two button options and when you close the popup another one comes up

oh, that’s also a neat trick because then you don’t need so many popups.

yeah, and then when you reach the last item, you can just close it and nothing else comes up.

ye. i think i’m going to renovate my game with this idea. i cant believe I never thought of having one of these because they’re really useful and I like the design.

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My giant pop up shop that sells literally 4 items:


just use vending machines…

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vending machines crash my game and I wanted to experiement.
Also, the shop was small. I didn’t have room for vending machines.


if you set vending machines to invisible in game then it’ll turn to the size of like one block


cool guide i made, i think i did it after “making a gimkit creative game”

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Next idea of the century: Overlay shops


I made one of these but I used WAY too many popups to allow the player to choose between selling 6 items and they can sell 1-5 of each using the popups.

Looks like this;


I’m going to make a streamlined version of making multiple item popup shops… Very tedious, though. But, it won’t require 50 popups. However, it will require a property or 2 for each item.

@RandomKid, you could make a property that is the amount the player wants to sell, and update the popup each time, by having a button to increase and decrease.

Wouldn’t it close the popup every time they wanted to decrease or increase it?