Making a Pop-up shop for all your pop-up shop needs

Yeah, but doesn’t your’s do that as well?

This was really helpful for my battle royale map, but I have not done this yet, but I think I will for speed upgrades in the future

It continuously uses popups and vending machines

No. It would show the number in the body of the popup, not the call to action.


How would I do it?

I’m on mobile right now, but it would involve blocks and properties to update the popup text.


It looks like this;

Screenshot 2023-09-05 4.20.08 PM

Screenshot 2023-09-05 4.20.14 PM

Screenshot 2023-09-05 4.20.20 PM

Yeah, just add more text using convert to text block

I have individual popups for these, no blocks

Oh! You could easily use a property that increments when the next button is clicked and it would reopen the same popup, but with different numbers.

Ok, i’m going to try making blocks for this. But, how would I make it sell different amounts?
@getrithekd ?


Instead of vending machines, use checkers and item granters, a more basic version of vending machines.

I’m getting confused with the blocks

Use the [set text] block. Use the convert to text block to show the number.

I have this;

And this


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But it won’t work

What do you need help with?

Nothing shows up…