How to make a working shop! Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩

How to make a working shop!

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So I looked around and decided…

shops are VERY important, and everyone should know an easy way to make them

Games that need shops

there are many games that need shops in order for the game to feel complete, here is a short bullet list of some games that include them:

  • RPG game
  • a simulator game
  • a story game
  • tycoon game
  • fighting game

Now lets make the shop, for the shop you’ll need:

  • sentry
  • Market stand
  • button
  • Popup
  • Vending machine

green, underlined words mean in device dictionary
Bold words mean its important
Italicized word means semi-important

Start the shop by placing a sentry and a market stall to make a shop

Then, you’ll need to place a Button , then, place a popup and wire them together to:

button pressed --> open popup

Now, you can make any dialogue to the popup by pressing the popup and typing in the text boxes to make a little guy talking to you to buy some stuff!

Then go to the call of actions in the popup and click the first call to action:

once clicked, type in “buy ____” the blank can be anything you want the shop to sell

then, once you do that you need to place a vending machine and wire the popup to the vending machine

popup --> 1st call to action clicked --> attempt to buy ---> vending machine

now put in the vending machine whatever is the first item you want to sell

for this first item shop I want to give 5 cash for 1 blueberry (this can be anything but im just using this as an example)

So now you have a first item to sell, you should right now have a button in the shop market you made, (the button should be invisible so that people don’t see it) and once the button is pressed you will be greeted by a popup that says the first item that you can buy, ex. pic below:

then you can add more items by placing more popups with the vending machines

if second action to call clicked --> open popup

and continue doing this for every item you have in this shop

And there you have it, you can now make a working little shop!

please let me know if you have any questions



Device Dictionary (now exclusively with Mr. Maple!):


A gim thats a robot, can be an enemy or a friend, to make it friendly everywhere check out this guide


Run actions when interacted with


Creates models and banners

Vending machine

this device can be used to give an item to a player in exchange for a specific item

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im rounding up for the difficulty rating

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Nice Guide! :+1:
Added to the Dungeon Crawler Resource Page


Do you want to buy a blueberry lol
Nice guide, for the vending machines, you can also use checkers and Item granters

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Yeah, it’s not a visible shop so the appearance setting doesn’t really matter and it’s more memory-efficient to use Checkers and Item Granters.


well, I was trying to make an easy way for beginners and stuff but yeah that would technically work better

Nice guide!

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@Aubec7 (The_Unexpected_Gim) how would I make an option, “no” where it exits the popup?

you can only have two call to actions

You can have a “next” cta to fit three or more options though.

I don’t want a next, just an end.

@Aubec7, @Haiasi, please help.

Can @name please help me?

Clicking a CTA automatically closes the popup

what’s a cta?


??? what?

The buttons on a popup.

okay… thanks…

yes, it closes automatically no matter what cta you click