I need help with shop ideas for my tag game

I was having trouble thinking of anything to put in my pop-up shop for my tag game. I already have a teleport to middle, an item that stuns the tagger for 10 seconds and a whole-team speed upgrade. I can’t do any more speed upgrades, because we start out at 3x speed and the upgrade goes to 4x speed. If you have any ideas, please put them into the comments.

How does the tag work, is it infection, original, or something else?

There is one tagger, and when the tagger tags the runner, the runner becomes a tagger and respawns at the tagger spawn pad and the tagger becomes a runner and spawns at the runner spawn pad. The spawn pads are on opposite sides of the map.

Add a spot for a shield. That would be hard and you would have to use pseudo health

Can You Think Of Anything Else?

Add a spot to slow down the tagger for like 30 seconds

Maybe you could add a lotto system for money or random buffs/debuffs

Or an area that makes you invincible to the tagged for 10 seconds, but you can pick when you use it! (With an overlay)

You could add a key that gives runners a safe area
Or add a power-up that makes how far the tagger is

How Would I Do That?

You can make that player teleport to an area in the map that is walled off, then after a ten second delay using a wire repeater, the player gets teleported back or respawned.

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