Making a Pop-up shop for all your pop-up shop needs

Ok, i’m going to try making blocks for this. But, how would I make it sell different amounts?
@getrithekd ?


Instead of vending machines, use checkers and item granters, a more basic version of vending machines.

I’m getting confused with the blocks

Use the [set text] block. Use the convert to text block to show the number.

I have this;

And this


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But it won’t work

What do you need help with?

Nothing shows up…

What part doesn’t work?

Updating a property that allows you to sell different amounts of an item using a popup

I have no idea…

Well, from looking at the block code, you should try switching the second and third blocks. I think you also don’t need the convert text to number block. (Last post for today)

Ok. I will try that

It won’t work… Can you help me on the wixsite?

The second block code won’t increase the number property by one.

Then how would I increase it?

Set property(number+1)



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It still won’t work…

what is your in game system? I had to fix some properties that weren’t updating because of other devices one time.