Can you set up like buttons at the bottom of the screen used to interact with other players?

Like, stuff like…

a chat (can you make those or do they have to be premade replies)

A button that you can press that shares your location with everyone (like if you need help)

A button pressed to trade with other players.

Also I have been doing creative on and off since it was published, so I’m not that experienced. Would appreciate if someone could simplify instructions.

  1. Yes, have a game overlay open the chat popup. And yes, they have to be premade.
  2. I don’t know? You could activate a waypoint somehow
  3. You could have it teleport you to a trading room/area.
    Tell me if you need further instructions


Sorry I have no idea what a game overlay is. Is there a guide I can check out?

Im making a really complicated game.

Search up “game overlay” in devices

For sharing, I think this guide will explain what you need:

I know how to do that

Also, for the chat, follow this guide:

And yes, waypoints can solve problem two.

Thanks…also this is slightly off topic… but still about the mechanics of the map I’m building…

So basically, you went on a field trip to see this castle place, but there was an “incident” and now you have to escape…but monsters catch up to your bus and the bus driver goes out to fight them and gets captured and you have to go save him….

But the mechanic isn’t working. It’s supposed to pop up with a choice box that asks if you want to go save the bus driver and it doesn’t happen…

I’d appreciate help with this if possible.

Okay so get a popup in devices and a overlay