How to make chat simpleste way possible

I’m trying to make a co-op game where you can use a chat system How do I make it work and I tried @Dayy system it didn’t do stuff like wanted they didn’t list in their guide of what you do tell the first text overlay and also I need step by the guide not a step then skip 3 more step by step guide to making a chat

Can you elaborate please?

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the steps that @Dayy made work so I asked if anyone had a simpler one that’s more easier to understand

Are you able to understand the pop-up instructions?

yes but not the text overlay it just skips on what the first text overlay does

I’m also actively in the game working on the game so if i go out for a couple of seconds I’m in the game

Are you talking about call-to-action buttons? The overlay used is a button that opens the first pop-up.

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no i mean the step that goes to explains what the first five text overlay do

Those are pop-ups, not overlays. Are you talking about this one?

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yes but when i try to configure for the text thing in section headers it doesn’t say how to configure it and set it up just forgets about you can come in my game (won’t post code here )

Set “pop-up text” to whatever section header you want.

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wdym set it to what i need help finding what you mean

In the pop-ups that were mentioned in the guide. What do you want the section headers to be called? You know what section headers are right?

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ooh i see sorry if i frustrated you

That’s okay, you didn’t frustrate me.

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also if you have any relation to @Dayy i didn’t mean to offend you

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