In-Game Chat System That is Easy

I need an easy in game chat system.

I don’t think that is possible yet

In-Game Chat System
I haven’t seen this guide, but I found it. Make sure to search the community forum before you go asking for help, there are a lot of guides out there. Also mark solution!

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Custom chat systems are never easy…

This one is very hard. Can I get a different one?

I just checked it out, it’s not hard, as long as you follow the guide. It is very easy to follow-along with.

You right you right…

Mark solution! I don’t want clutter…

No chat designed is easy… if you need one, use the discord.

I have 4 solution’s now! I’m gonna have more solutions than @NavyCatZ eventually, this is a start!

ooh that’s tough now it’s only 3 :rofl:

Wait what?! Why you take it away :sob:

because i dont want you to beat navy cat

She has like 100 solutions, it’ll take me like 5 yrs, I’ll probably be off of gimkit by then.

Dude, that’s just rude.

My bad!!! I didn’t know! Sorry @NavyCatZ !

I only have 45 :sob:.

I’m the best! I have 6!

47 to be exact, also why are you sad? I have only 3!

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It’s not a competition. If shiny rowlet deserves it, give it to him.