Help with 2.5D Map!

Also, this game is more of a hunger games-style game, not a race.

This looks amazing! I can’t wait to see it when done!

Is the map part done already?


Oh, no. That was just an example.

oh but in case if you’re gonna add something like that but for like a river

sorry i WAS on an ipad and autocorrect sucks on it, i have to wait for the on-screen keyboard to sync with the screen, and now i’m on a computer listening to music on my ipad

Teach me, I’m right here!

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Well, any ideas? All are appreciated.

You need a chat which is planned I see, If this is gimkit.
Ingame Chat System made by @Dayy

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Where did you make this at?

??? What art? If you mean the 2.5D map example, I got it offa google. Also,


Oh. And not art. Litteraly at

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you mean the location of the map?

well, here’s a guide i made about layering:

some 3D art for inspiration and examples:

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Thanks, but that is where I got the idea to make this map form!

alright so you need help with the 2.5d art? i can help

just note i don’t have a wix account yet and need time to get my request accepted on the wixsite when i make one (probably never)


I can accept your request for the wix
only problem is that people might grief your map

@clef for layered terrain that you can’t just walk up, use a ladder (preferably bicycle rack or fence) and a button wired to a teleporter (button pressed>teleport player here) to go up and the same thing to go down the layered terrain

@Thats_Gimpossible yeah that’s the problem and the school district (that i’m in) might block wix

Did you even watch the DropBox link? That is what I did.

i did, i just forgot most of it cuz i had a lot of crazy things that happened (mostly just experiencing a guy getting chased by the police RIGHT OUTSIDE of my school) and… forgot.

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