3D Art Library (Post here)

GKC 3D art is an art style with a lot of potential. It often uses extensive layering. I invite you to share 3D art here (made with Gimkit Creative, of course…)!


As in actual 3D art, or in Gimkit Creative?

GKC Art oops lol xzskjd

Gimkit Creative, that would be considered off-topic if not.

Yes. That is why I am verifying.


I’ll make one later, I don’t have much time now.

Verification is a good thing :slight_smile:


ok its been a while since i have been here but i kinda heard about what you did so uhm
why did you post all that

We don’t to start anything right now, please don’t accuse anyone or escalate the situation

Here comes the hate mob again.

nice, im actually using a little bit of 3D-ish art for my game rn (Gimkit: Bounty Hunters)

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That’s so cool! I’m sure it would look great in your game. Also, welcome back!

ok got it, i just want to understand what happened, im not trying to be toxic, if i am, sorry.

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Sorry if you think im here to hate on you, im sorry about all that. Be careful with what you post, always remember that.

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Okay, thank you.

thank you, its nice to have some support :slight_smile:
edit: oops i didn’t mean to make an emoji

I will support you too.

thank you, have a great day

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I will. You have a blessed day too.

Look at the difference!