{Resources 📰 } 2.5d build guides

ONLY post 2.5d building guides

School gym

Put down wood floor.

add walls using layer format putting some walls a layer above others.

Then add props

Sorry its a little sloppy i was rushed
You can add game overlay and have it when pushed it goes to randomizer with these settings (will finish tomorrow)

Guides from others

Why layers are powerful
Spicing up you build
Old pizzeria

um there needs to be a LOT more guides to make this an actual guide… otherwise, guides this short can be flagged.


What is the point of this?

yeah it is, you can get to work…

Fast delete reflexes!

I changed it to resources, as @Legobuilder wanted to compile 2.5d build guides.

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WIP post are longer. If it is this short, save it as a draft.

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K then where is the guide?

I litterly have to procces the videos so it doesnt show my C0des… And im adding more as we speak but i also have school ill add the rest after school today.

Save it as a draft.

You can’t after its posted, they will have to leave it.

Oh ok.

Uhhhhh my links are not working come on I just tested it as a draft! it wont insert the rest what do i do redo the guides i made in my draft?

make them as actual guides, not videos.

Ok i will though also i meant it as a collaborative like many people post 2.5d guides not art but a huge collection of 2.5d builds to help new users.

Well yeah, that’s what I thought, but we don’t have many guides on that…

I know I mean people make them and post them with me.

Google Drive?

Like the 3d art posts have been made but in guide format.

I’m gonna remake this (and also as a wiki).

@Legobuilder Sorry, but this topic is not being used anymore. Please check the linked topic at the bottom for the new post.