Show me your 3D terrain/Layered Art!

3D styles of terrain are amazing! I’d love to see your “3D” terrain!

Here’s a (really bad) example:
Screenshot 2023-09-02 1.10.16 PM


That’s actually really good. I never thought of doing that! I’ll make one soon!

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This actually looks very good!

Um…is there something that I am missing?

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i used a sort of 3d terrain layering in my gimathon game
its for a sinking ship
kind of bad but…

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thats good.

That is really good.

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How do you make it 3D?

you dont. its 2d but it looks 3d. my example isnt as good lol

Using layered terrain

Oh ok. Gimkit should add 3d

Post suggestions here:

get nolted


what is nolted? never heard of it, also i will

get nolted is a joke about the gimkit.nolt suggestion website.

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Oh okay. Hahaha, that’s funny (I actually think it’s funny) I don’t think I’m gonna post because I don’t feel like giving my email to another gimkit thing.


Oh no! This is getting off-topic!!!

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Thanks! Working with the layers was very difficult…


I actually think it looks amazing! One day I’ll get good at gimkit creative

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Sure! Gimmie about 8 years while I go make a 3D renderer.

There’s no way I make a 3D renderer I can’t even begin to think how.