Mark Rober Crunch Labs - Need help

Sorry, I have a lot of stuff I need to do so I probably can’t work on this till next week. I’ll bookmark this post to remind myself.


Ok, as long as the job gets done! :smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you want me to make a prototype?

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yes please that would help a lot.

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I have seen a bit of him, but you can’t make a 2.5 mode yet, so you would have to use layering and props that are layered under the player.

{Resources :newspaper: } 2.5d build guides
Using 2.5D (Isometric) projection to emulate Don’t Look Down
Resources for 2.5D/3D [isometric]

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No, like the DLD style, that is 2.5 mods and you can simulate them , but not make them like DLD.

Fireman’s thingy
the thingy that brings him down from a floor, idk what it is called though

Actually, @here I have an idea… What if we had a zone for all parts of the downstairs that is covered by upstairs, and when player enters zone, they get teleported to a new area?

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Then we don’t need 2.5D or DLD-style

for that, we could have a teleporter that keeps moving?

Yes, that is what I was going to do if i was doing it.

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you can’t really have that, you can make it so in only certain locations teleporters are.

ahh idk, you might use a blue barrier that is kind of transparent, and hide teleporters in them. Also, use tiny blue ones that are dark to show the water in them.

this is one reason why 2.5D or DLD would help :frowning: :smile:

idk, maybe could make platformers with 2.5

I could have some 2.5D and some 2D? IDK how 2.5D works.

with the current tools, you can layer terrain, or you can share the code with me on the wix and I can help you

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Yeah layering is the only way to make 2.5D, otherwise you can’t

I am at school, so Wix doesn’t work. can you use google sites and paste this embed code?

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="600px"></iframe>

or you can use