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ok SO you wanna make cool terrain right?
i’m not experienced yet but i can show you how to make your environment look cooler
so let’s do that

first, you’re gonna want a rough idea of what you want your terrain to look like
in this case i used an island (primarily because that’s the only thing i could think of)

right off the bat you’ll notice that the shape is too square. islands are typically more irregular, like this one

THIS is what we want. but it still looks a bit plain… so i’ll add some grass to the island, or whatever you think looks good (make sure the grass is on a higher layer!)

now this step isn’t necessary, but it certainly gives your environment some depth
put the grass on layer 5, and sandwich some dirt between on layer 4. the result should look something like this

now you can add some props, and you’re done!

keep in mind this can be applied to a lot of different things, not just islands. my honest advice would be to experiment with different tilesets, shapes, and sizes that will look good to you
that’s really all i have to say for now, i might update this later when i come up with something

i’m not very good at explaining things, so here’s a more in depth guide
Full Guide to Terrain: Layers and Erasing tips (:green_square:)

if you want some more inspiration, you can go here
Terrain Art (For @Foxy)
3D Art Library (Post here)


@chomik some notes

  1. there are already guides on terrain
  2. this guide doesn’t have much tips or instructions
  3. very short
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i tried ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Oh c’mon, it’s not that bad. It’s not that short and can help some people.

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Honestly, I never thought of the idea of making the thing 3D. I like it.

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I didn’t say it was horrible it’s just things to improve on


Yeah, this is kinda unnecessary, but good for beginners. Maybe @chomik could credit these guides:
Full Guide to Terrain: Layers and Erasing tips (:green_square:)
Terrain Art (For @Foxy)
3D Art Library (Post here)

Maybe you can make the gimkit-beginners tag? Or something like it.

Nice terrain guide! :pinching_hand: Very simple and easy!

FINALLY, somebody uses layer in their map, it annoys me every time a person uses walls and floors on the same layer. (no offence to people who do, people don’t use layers much.)


Hey good job, I am stupid when it comes to terrain. Thanks!

It’s generally polite to credit those who made similar and/or identical guides before.

indeed, that is one thing i neglected. will add those when i get the time to


ooops i didn’t post earlier sorry

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