Clear Guide About Layers (WIP)

Before I knew how to layer, I was confused. Every guide I saw was helpful, but the idea of layering still escaped me. I’m making this guide to help with anyone who needs help on building terrain in layers.
I’m making this because I had to learn how to layer myself because the guides were vague/confusing.

This Guide Contains The Following:
1.) How To Layer
2.) Types Of Layering
3.) Layer Levels
4.) How To Make 3-D Art

How To Layer

How To Layer

Layering is an easy concept to execute, but hard to master.
To Access it, You just have to:

Step One

Access The Selection Menu:

Step Two

Select Your Terrain:


Step Three

Click On The Layer Area:


And You’re Done! Simple As That!

Types Of Layering

Now That We Can Access The Menu, Time To Get Layering!
We’re gonna start with a simple hole in the ground in a small island.

The Layering

Now For The Trickiest part. Let’s get some dirt and follow the previous instructions to put it on layer one. Now set your Brush Size to two and Make The Outline:

Now, we get the terrain we want, set the layer to Layer Two, and Paint over it.
We need to leave one of the Dirt levels open and paint over the above dirt layer. This sounds confusing but it’s just making this great (albeit blocky) island:

Now that the island is complete, the edges seem a little off. Let’s erase them to make it more island-y:

And we’re done with the island! Now choose if you want your layering tutorial island to have a hole or a small little Dirt-Hoodoo or Platform. (P.S: This is what a hoodoo is hoodoo rock definition - Search (


Now we dig out the hole we want:

And use our dirt on Layer One to fill it up!

And We’re Done!


Easier said than done! We start by selecting a layer higher than the dirt: For us it’s layer three.
Now use the same idea that you built to make the island, but up the layers by two (Dirt Layer Three, Grass Layer Four).

Now that we’re done: It should look like this:


Finished! (Ignore The Camera View, He’s Just Chillin’.)

Layer Levels

This Is Just A Refresher.

Layer Ⅰ

This Layer Is Best Used For The Lowest Things on Your Map, Like Dirt.
Try It Out, And Find Out It’s Most Definitely One Of The Best Layering Layers.

Layer ⅠⅠ

The Most Invaluable Layer.
Use it To Put over Layer One, be Used For Floor, And Can Have Layering Platforms Built On it.

Layer ⅠⅠⅠ

The Basic Layer. Best For Beginners.
Try It Out If You Want To See What Can Happen With Layering, And Experiment.

Layer ⅠⅠⅠⅠ

One Of The Highest layers, Supposed To be Used For Tall Platforms.



The Very Highest Layer.
This Probably Shouldn’t Have To be Used If You’re Just Making Platforms.
Remember, Start From Layer One To Higher Up.

How To Make 3-D Art

Coming Soon!

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Umm… and there are many other guides on layering
Sorry for being “rude” I am just pointing out that this is a duplicate guide


Wow, not A Regular this Time!
Imma Quote Myself.

The Anonymous Guide Told Me How Good Layering Was But Didn’t Show Me.
The eiqcrmeliutgwhc Guide has no pictures.
The GimSolver guide was literally a community showcase.

Not saying any of them were bad, just they didn’t help me and I’m trying to make a more easy to understand guide.
P.S I apologize if I offended anyone.

Search “layers” in the search bar I just supplied some of them

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Okay… how about this… We stop with the “There’s already a guide on this”
And I’ll just try to make my guide in peace.
Yes. There are guides on this. Why can’t I make a more descriptive one only about layering? I’ll say it’s WIP.

We already have guides on layering. You just can’t make duplicate guides. It doesn’t matter if it’s a wip. Just ask @GimSolver . He learned about that recently.


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