Among Us; Mira Map Guide 2

Is that the airship? you might want to use more colorful terrain and props to make it look better, and you click the 3 dots at the bottom of your post and click thetrash bin logo.

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how do you make a chat system?

Dayy made a guide on it called "In-game Chat System
It’s similar to among us’s new chat system

the easy way to do it.

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not that kind of way.

Nice pfp, that looks sick!


Which kind of way?

You can ask @RickStachely or @getrithekd they are the 2 coders for my maps, they might know.

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the really really easy way

That’s probably the easiest guide on in game chatting i believe

that is the only way that is known on the forum.

what you can chat on here!!!

for among us on gimkit

no, you can’t off-topic chatting is forbiben and can get you banned.

you can chat on the wix, discord or fandom

oh ok… then we can do something else!

wdym do somthing else?

You could use the wix or the gcc, or if you’re playing with people you know you could make a google doc or word doc or something