I need help with among us

So I was reading this guide:How to Make a Kill Button That Drops a Dead Body - #6
And now I want to make a report system but I don’t understand how to do it. Also I couldn’t find a tutorial on it. So can you make it so when a certain item like a strawberry is picked up it teleports everyone to an area(my voting room)?

I think you could use a repeater and a checker to check for strawberries, and then once the check passes, activate the teleporter


Can you maybe elaborate on that pls

Make a infinite repeater, wire it to a checker. Repeater runs task–Run Check. In the checker it should check if strawberries is larger then 0. Now wire it to a all player relay. Check Passes – Trigger Relay. Now wire it to the teleporter. Relay Trigger – Teleport player here. If you don’t understand ask


IT WORKS!!! Thank you! You’re a life saver!


Basically there will be a repeater that runs on game start. The Repeater will run a task every 0.1 seconds. Every 0.1 seconds, it will check for the item dropped by the killed player. Once the item is in a player’s inventory, it will teleport everyone to the emergency meeting (almost instantly)


how do you make it so it teleports everyone?

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The relay setting is all players

the relay to the teleporter. If you want to teleport everyone instead of connecting it to the teleporter connect it to the relay

Wait @potato1 now when they go into the voting room they will keep getting teleported to the teleport and can’t vote. Is there a way to get rid of the strawberry when they get to the voting room? I tried to have it when player teleported here → grant item. The item granter was set to -1 strawberry but now when you pick up the strawberry it won’t teleport anyone. Do you have a remedy?

Try to hook the item granter to the relay instead of the teleporter. If that doesn’t work try to hook it to the checker

Ok thanks that worked

By the way, the among us tag is for guides.

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Oh ok thanks! I thought you could use them for help too but now I know!

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