How to make a day and night system

Okay get a overlay and popup

okay then can you shorten it for me?
(also I would click the links, have clicked all the links in long intros like this, and do when i see new links given to others! how do ya think i became good at gmk forum rules so fast? from flagged instantly to almost regular?)

okay I got the overlay and popup

Wire the popup to the overlay

to wire what actions

Let me see what your seeing… i dont have gimkit up yes a screen shot will work

want me to screen shot

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Yes that would help i dont have gimkit up currently

Well, I already did in fact make the shortest thing you linked in that post, the welcome to the forums guide. It contains every bit of info a new user would ever need to know about the forums. For reference, here it is.

Okay now make it make it so that the overlay says sleep or heal or whatever you want the options to be put them in different overlay options

I have a notification system already that does the same thing

Okay can you give me the code so i can help or would you like my to just type

It’s already on the photo sent

Okay 1 second my typing is bad

Okay so gimkit creative is blocked on my phone so go into the settings for the overlay and you should see somethings that says overlay type

Wait so you actually dont need the overlay go into the popup and click call to action and for the first one or second one you can do sleep (call to action q) or heal (call to action 2) and then for your healing system wire the popup to the healing system and do when secondary call to action clicked and then do whatever your device is click a button

sorry I will resume this tomorrow

Okay you can ping me i will be available from 8 in the morning until 7 in the afternoon

This can help you for the lighting part