How to make a Day/Night System Revised and Improved

Hi there! It is me @Theaxolotl! As of now I will show you how to make an improved day/night system. This is a revised and improved guide of my previous guide. In this guide I will be going over how to make mornings, days, evenings, nights, midnights, and dawn in game. List of devices: 6 counters, 1 lifecycle, 1 repeater, 6 barriers, (optional some sentries) (optional checkpoint) Props: (optional bed) So now let’s get started.

Step 1. The Time Counting First you take a lifecycle place it then wire it to a repeater set it’s task interval to 1.0 and it to stop when receiving on channel. (That way it won’t stop.)

Step 2. The channels: Then place six counters each that have targets counting to 25 to 150. Have these signals. Counter #1 transmit on evening target 25, counter #2 transmit on night target 50, counter #3 transmit on midnight target 75 Counter, #4 transmit on dawn target 100, counter #5 transmit on morning target 125, counter #6 transmit on Day target 150. (Make sure all of the counters reset when receiving on Day.

Step 3. The Lighting: Then make six barriers that are all black colored (or navy) with lighter transparency for the lighter times like dawn, and morning, and darker for the darker times, like midnight and night. You need the barriers to activate during their respective time and deactivate when the next time starts. (Also I would recommend for day having no barriers.)

Step 4. (Optional) Enemies At Night: (if you don’t want to have players respawn on their bed or putting sentries you can leave the guide now.) Sentries: Activate when receiving on night and deactivate when receiving on morning.

Step 5. (Optional) Sleeping Through The Night: Beds, put a button down with the settings of instant interaction time. Also you can put a checkpoint down with the wiring button pressed → activate checkpoint, you can put the checkpoint on the bed so it is more like Minecraft if you like. (I tried to make sleeping through the night but it didn’t work.)






For the rest of the photos you just have to experience yourself once you make the system. Happy gimkitting! -@Theaxolotl


This is a very good guide! I will definitely use it!


Am I color blind? To me, Evening and Night barely have a difference.

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Nice Guide!

didn’t you already make this?


Night is just a little bit darker.
Also, I think you should add Afternoon and Dawn.


I do have dawn just not showcased in the photo.

Yes but this is an improved version/addition of that guide.

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You should definitely add that and more pictures!
Also, try to make line spaces between paragraphs and steps because it kinda ticks me off and makes the guide hard to read.
Looks like a whole block of text.

Now imagine that but with a guide!


The thing is I didn’t change evening and night very much. The majority of the guide is so that the reader can customize the lighting how they want.

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Nice axolotl hat!


Good point.

Nice guide!

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Wait I just realized something if anyone used this guide, the sleeping mechanic does not work.

If your previous guide is approved there is no reason this shouldn’t be as well. :slight_smile:

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I honestly have no idea how people come up with this stuff, really good idea!


Days and nights are being bumped to the past.

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I will make the change of tags (if any) after 5 votes.

perfect guide for my farming sim


Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the community
its my first time recommending this but read the forum-tips and beginner-must-read
i guess?

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