How to make a Meteor Shower [2/10 or 🟩]

Before we begin, I thank you for taking the time to read my guide. Also, let’s all take a moment in peace to remember all those poor little dinos who have experienced this traumatic event. One of the 5 mass extinctions. Also, please tell me if this is inappropriate for little children.
Ok, now let’s begin today’s guide!


First, the Devices needed:





Name the property Pseudo health, make it numerical, player scoped, and start at however much health you want your person to have. I’m gonna make it 200.

The repeater’s settings should be like this:

Whatever you need to be the shower should be wired to the repeater so when whatever happens (depends on the device you use) → start the repeater

Now take the repeater and wire it to the trigger like this:

Repeater runs task → trigger

Make the trigger’s blocks look like this:

Take the respawn and make it respawn when receiving on channel “dead”
Also, remember, you don’t need to have 200 HP or subtract 10, the numbers can be your choosing.


This could be used for when you enter a zone, the meteor shower begins, or maybe wire it to a counter to make it so every few seconds or so, the meteor begins and you need to find heals to survive.

Other guides to help

Here are other guides you might use. You might use this guide How to make a Day/Night System Revised and Improved
because you could make it red when the Meteor Shower comes alive.


Good guide @GimSolver.

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Nice guide!


Does anyone have any tips to make it easier for beginners to understand?
Why 11/10? Please don’t joke.

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I mean you made it pretty beginner friendly but beginners don’t usually use blocks.


What’s the emoji or 2/10? The same as 1/10?

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I just saw it before you posted it. I think it changed a little thought because 1/10 is not blue.

oooh cool guide, this is a cool original idea aswell :]

2/10 should be green

1/10 IS :blue_square: and 2/10-3/10 is :green_square:


Nice guide!

I appreciate you mentioning my guide for days and nights along with this guide. You could also make a randomized chance that at night meteors could start falling.

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How would I use this for a DPTD (Don’t Press The Button) game, with this block code when the button is pressed?

What device would I use, and how would I make it show the meteors and like the red circles where the meteor’s appear

You would use barrier or emojis show. For your game, when button pressed, start repeater.

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wait but it’s a random chance because when the button is pressed it triggers a trigger with thi s block code

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IDK how to do randomizers.

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oh ok. I’ll just use a relay or something

SO do you just make the text visible on a channel and make it subtract psuedo health?

because I don’t get how to actually make the meteors deal psuedo health?

What text?