How to make a Meteor Shower [2/10 or 🟩]

It doesn’t. Just the environment (zones) do. You could make the zones lined up with the meteors?

Cool art! Congrats on TL3 by the way! Now that you have it, I see you becoming as amazing as people like WolfTechnology! I’m just stating my opinion that I think many people can agree with.


Thank you, that means so much coming from you!

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Congratulations on getting tl3! Hopefully one day I will get it like you and all those other cool people :slight_smile:

Bump for :shower:

BUMP! Thanks to @LlamaLady22 for helping!

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@GimSolver wanted to say that you can now do this a lot more efficiently using the Damager device, that wasn’t released at the time of this guide