How the heck do you make a Pacific war map

I use up too much memory on this. I try to make an island surrounded by water and then add ships then destroyers but after that no more memory left for terrain which is super annoying. I also make team turrets/random sentries then a main sentry you have to protect from the opposing team the main sentries are basically your leaders or generals. but that would kinda be hard and am trying to find simple game mode ideas. Also not a lot of memory usage ideas.


i saw you were trying to make something for @WhereIsMyHat in his post!!
sorry. i don’t know if i can help you…

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What other mechanics do you need help with?
Have you run out of memory?

All that I can think of is to cut content :frowning: .
Or maybe you could find more memory efficient ways to do the same things that your doing.

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tbh idk how to help but i would like to play this gim one day

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no i dont feel like listening to you *

If you click the settings button (bottom left) you can change the background terrain (if you did mostly water, change the background terrain to water and delete the existing water and vice versa with grass or other terrain [If I wasn’t clear, you can only have one background terrain but it uses no memory])

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Sure I will try that.

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