Props damage can be enabled, but a few minutes later it can't?


Less broken

These are both for circular shields, I have no clue why it doesn’t work after I try to click back on it.

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Try leaving and rejoining the game, and also deleting and replacing the prop.

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@acercar2 just saying, damage can not be enabled if the scope is player. Idk why. And welcome to the forums!

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It’s probably just lag, refresh your page or delete and replace the prop.

The limit really is painful…

If the visibility scope is set for anything other than global, then it won’t work.
This works the same way for ANY prop. I’m assuming that’s because there are some weird interactions that could occur if a player can’t see a prop while another player could see and damage it.

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I think that’s probably why it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll just have to remodel that part in the game.

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It works! But sadly that’s not what I wanted, so I guess I’ll just have to change some things to make it work.

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